Computers for Kids

From: Ronald Kneusel <>
Date: Wed Jan 13 09:54:03 1999

>> For programming, I would recommend BASIC, TO START WITH, followed by an
>> introduction to C and assembly as soon as basic principles are
>I don't see anything wrong with BASIC as a useable language for kids. I
>don't know why people are so down on it. Ok, so it doesn't have
>functions, and no, I wouldn't try to build a career out of it. I don't
>think throwing C and assembler at a kid "as soon as the basic principles
>are understood" would be necessarily productive. Let them have BASIC
>until its apparent they've outgrown it, then let them explore other
>options (but please keep them away from COBOL and Pascal :)
>Sellam Alternate

Why not Forth? Simple, interactive and gives immediate feedback. It also
has "high level" constructs, no GOTO, but is "low level" at the same time.
My six year old son loves it. The RPN style didn't bother him a bit (why
would it when he knew of nothing else?)

Ron Kneusel
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