Computers for children

From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Wed Jan 13 12:22:49 1999

> > Well, personally, I think that to give the child a better understanding of
> > the computer, they should start with something simple and (dare I say)
> > rudimentary, like a C64 or Apple II (Certainly more rudimentary than a
> > modern day PC with a GUI masquerading as an OS).

> If your goal is to teach them about computers, then I think a *much* more
> rudimentary computer would be more appropriate. A C64 is OK for teaching
> high-level programming, but start them off with low-level stuff like how a
> logic gate works, advance to boolean algebra and let them stay there for a
> long time until they learn how to minimize gates in their own designs, let
> them build a CPU, microcode it, program it, and *then* move on to the
> exciting world of BASIC.
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