Paper tape and Cards (and maybe ttys)

From: D. Peschel <>
Date: Wed Jan 13 14:47:42 1999

> Western Numerical Supply in Grass Valley California sells paper tape. I
> bought some from them for an ASR 33 I've been restoring. Getting mechanical
> TTYs is somewhat difficult at the moment.
> --Chuck

What do you mean "at the moment"?

I've thought about buying a Teletype for fun (haven't decided which model --
I suppose the 5-bit ones are a lot simpler to maintain). The sources I
would check are this list, ham radio swapmeets/rallies, organizations for
the deaf (since Teletypes have had long and honorable service as TDD's), and
all the other usual places. But I don't know the prospects or the prices.

So your message had me a bit worried -- What made you write that? Do you
expect the situation to improve?

OK, there is a local museum with a nice collection -- they might have
pointers too but somehow I doubt they would sell any of their machines.

-- Derek
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