Computers for children

From: Miles O'Neal <>
Date: Wed Jan 13 17:37:53 1999

Francois said...
|Before you can really learn about computers you have to have an interest in
|it and so far I have not seen anything that could possibly interrest a kid
|that runs on Linux.

the same sorts of things that run on anything
else these days, of course.

Internet browsers (which we would NOT have without
unix, thank you very much!)

Email (which would still be a proprietary mish-mash,
without nuix, most likely.)

The GIMP (which is NOT a product costing almost a
thousand dollars).



Granted there are things still missing. But I don't know of
too many kids who got into computers solely because of a
math package or encyclopedia.

Yes, I know there are many more games fo DOS/WIN. And I will
likely buy such a pig as soon as I can afford another computer,
for pretty much that reason. So what?

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