OT: Kids and Linux...

From: Miles O'Neal <meo_at_netads.com>
Date: Wed Jan 13 18:06:25 1999

Arfon Gryffydd said...
|I want to be responsible about this by:
| 1) Keeping the computer in the family room where we, the 'adults' are 80%
|of the time.
| 2) Making sure that I or sweetie-pie have to make the net connection.
| 3) Using some parental controls software.
|Problem is: Is there ANY parental control software for Linux????

I haven't seen any. There are ISPs, however, that
do the screening for you. You'd have to investigate
to find the one that works for you (if any).

When we first set our kids online, we watched them pretty closely.
After we a while, we just spot checked. We trust our kids a lot,
but (a) we know they're not perfect, and (b) they know that trust
is earned.

There's been an incident with each one. I caught one, and the
other came to us.

(And yes, I am considering one of the filtered ISPs, esp. if
I can fine one with an extremely low level of spam throughput!)

There is no perfect answer - otherwise all kids (and the results,
such as us [1]) would be perfect.


[1] By which I mean myself, in case all of you are perfect. 8^)
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