Computers for children

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Date: Wed Jan 13 19:05:53 1999

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>And parents who read, read, read to their kids from the early days.
>I'm talking day 1, if not in the womb. (almost 8^) We encourage
>everyone we know to do this. We have friends who never got much

Can't agree more -- and yes, even in the womb. Two things I've heard
about: play music through headphones, with the headphones against the
mother's stomach (softly, and classical music, mozart is best) and shine a
flashlight against the mother's stomach and move it around. The first
(supposedly) develops logical thinking ability as well as hearing, the
second eyesight and coordination.

Dunno if it works, but Cassie's folks did the first and she is definitely
musically inclined. (Of course that may be genetic anyway.)

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