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From: David Wollmann <>
Date: Thu Jan 14 10:03:08 1999

On Wed, 13 Jan 1999, John Rollins wrote:

> > An IBM 9404 processor, at least that's what I make it out to be,
> >since it's front panel has IPL settings, a QIC-1000, and attached to
> >the back are several 8-channel Twinax adapter cables. A p-Touch
> >type label on the side says 'XS400' The ID plate also says its
> >release level is V2R2MO and its PIF Level is C2261220.
> An AS/400... Older model I think. Kinda big. I had a chance to get one, but
> didn't have the $225 the guy could get for scrapping it... :-( The twinax
> is for 5250 type terminals, you can either go find a terminal or get a PC
> interface & software, run from about $90-500 depending on model. Twinax is
> [snip]

FWIW, a few weeks ago I read that there are some folks (in Rochester, I think)
working on porting Linux to AS/400. There is also supposed to be a guy there
working on a 390 port in his spare time. If the AS/400 port ever sees the light
of day, I'm going to start shopping for parts to build an AS/400 to use as an
I'net server. The 390 is out of the question for now, there's too much junk in
the garage as it is.

On a similar note, I read something yesterday that claimed that the OS/2 folks
want to open the OS/2 source, but can't get around Microsoft's IP claims.

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