FT: Poly 88 Docs

From: Doug Yowza <yowza_at_ooga.com>
Date: Thu Jan 14 15:03:30 1999

I have available the following original Poly 88 docs for trade:
        Volume I: Assembly, Test, and Theory of Hardware (1976, 52pp)
        Addendum to Volume I: Serial Option (1976, 14pp)
        Cassette Interface Minicard (1977, 44pp)
        Memory Addressing, Vectored Interrupt, and Serial I/O (32pp)
        Volume II: Operation and Software (1976, 100+pp)

I need Heathkit H8 docs, but I'd also consider other pre-1977 micro docs
in trade. I'm also looking for H8 software on papertape (copies are

-- Doug
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