Computers for children (soldering)

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Date: Thu Jan 14 21:24:01 1999

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> > > Not _all_ 8 year olds will be able to solder, or will want to solder, but
> > > some will. And there's no reason not to let them have a go if they want
> > > to. It never did me any harm...
> >
> > Heh. Depends on how you define "harm". I have a permanent scar up my left
> I've had dozens of scars as a result of using tools. Doesn't really worry
> me a bit. Sure it's painful at the time, but I'm still here, right, and
> although I don't like the pain, the final result is worth it.

I've burned myself several times with a soldering iron -- teaches you the basic
rules that A) A hot soldering iron looks exactly like a cold one; and B) Ditto for

Also have a couple of scars on my left thumb and a numb section where I
learned that you shouldn't pull the exacto knife towards you when you are
trying to slit the jacket of multi-conductor cable.

These little childhood adventures are good for you. Taught me more than
aimlessly wandering about town every weekend.

> Yep, I'm glad I got the chance to injure myself (seriously). It also gave
> me the chance to enjoy life and learn something.
> -tony

Paul Braun
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