Computers for children (soldering)

From: Roger Merchberger <>
Date: Thu Jan 14 23:25:36 1999

On or about 09:28 PM 1/14/99 -0500, Daniel T. Burrows was caught in a dark
alley speaking these words:

>I have also had a fair # of burns in similiar manners but the one thing I
>would suggest for children is to wear glasses. When I was 9 or10 I was
>desoldering something when some solder splattered into the tissue in the
>corner of my eye. 1/4 inch over and it could have been serious. I almost
>always now make sure I am wearing glasses.

My parents made sure of that... myopia runs in my family. 'Course, everyone
I know except my dad and brother gets those lame, wimpy plastic lenses...
me? tone-gray (changes with sunlight) *safety glass* lenses w/ coated
stainless steel frames.

The only friends I have who don't think I'm weird for my spectacle choice
are the ones who've asked me: "aren't you going to wear safety glasses
before you...???" ;-)

Very handy.

See ya (pun intended),
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