Almost OT: How can that be?

From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Fri Jan 15 08:28:37 1999

> Perl, being a bit more abstract than C, does have some better chances at
> optimization, and I wouldn't hate it so much if Larry Wall hadn't decided to
> put in the worse aspects of BASIC, /bin/sh, awk, grep and, give
> it a rather ambiguous grammar and unleashed it on the Great Undisciplined
> Programmers (me? Bitter? Naaaaaah ... )


> > Oh, and when I called it an "interpreter," that's a misnomer. It may look,
> > walk, talk, and smell like an interpreter, but it's actually a JIT compiler
> > in disguise... that's why it's so darned fast in comparison to an interpreter.

> Actually, it compiles to an internal byte code that can be interpreted
> faster than parsing text, much like Forth or even Java.

to be (more) OT again: just remember UCSD p-code - BTW: Hans, I
searched a bit, but couldn't find any picture, or any description
of a Pascal Microengine labeled/called Pascaline (I even found
3 different issues of the Microengine manual, and a (seems to be
complete set or errata sheets).


Ich denke, also bin ich, also gut
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