From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Fri Jan 15 13:14:56 1999

> > BTW: Are there some people collecting merchandise/advertizeing
> > gimicks of the computer age ?

> Well... somewhat inadvertantly. Packrat that I am I grabbed as many of
> the posters and advertising materials that came by the stores in the early
> days. Don't have an exact count, but it is in the multiple hundreds.

Well, not exactly what I asked (but glad about every saved flyer).
My question was more about all the other stuff - T-Shirts, umbrellas,
tie needls, watches, keyholder, cups, .....

> Actually brought two mailing tubes (stuffed) full of them to the last VCF,
> but never got time to pull them out. Maybe this year (if I EVER get
> organized) I'll get some of them in frames and bring along.

Next time I will first peek into all of your stuff before the
end of the VCF :)

> ...of course, I've also been saying for probably two years that I was
> going to get pictures of at least some of them and get them on the web
> site... (sigh) (most are too big for my scanner!)

> Coming soon (?) - Pictures from the 8th WCCF (March 1983)! (and earlier
> as I find/get time to scan the pix/slides/etc...)

Apropos Pictures, is there any chance that you will finish the
subtitles for the VCF 2.0 pictures ?


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