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From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Fri Jan 15 13:33:18 1999

> > This custom seemed to disappear in the mid 80s. Sometimes I get to thinking
> > of the things that have changed, and when and why. Another example that
> > comes to mind - I quite clearly remember about 10 years ago thinking how
> > useless the tilde (~) was on a keyboard. Of course, now we are all
> > net-bound it's used all the time. I wonder if there are other examples of
> > ins/outs that you oldies remember and would care to share. Things that were
> > ubiquitous and no longer with us.

> Well, certainly the '_at_' symbol was entirely useless until internet e-mail.

_at_ was (is) beside $ and # the only character to be used at the
begin of a name (macro, label, module, SNA station, etc.) in some
(old) environments, since they are handled as letters.

> And how many people actually use function keys any more in the age of the
> GUI and mouse?

ALT-F4 -> the only usefull anwer to Windows :)


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