Classic Home Console Computers to Trade/Sell/Buy

From: Marty <>
Date: Fri Jan 15 12:38:16 1999

 Hi Mark,
 If the Mac 128 is still available, I'm interested. I'm located in the
 Washington, D.C. metro area. I have a number of appliance (home
 computers) plus some Apples (II+, IIe's) available. I will post a list
 to the members of Clasiccmp of what I'm excessing sometime this month.

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Subject: Classic Home Console Computers to Trade/Sell/Buy
Author: at internet
Date: 1/15/99 7:05 AM

 Hi Everyone,
 I'm new to this list. I've been collecting classic home console computers
 for about two years now and have some items to trade and some things I'm
 looking for (either trade or buy). You can check out my collection on my
 website at
 Mark Randall
 Play Incorporated
 Classic Computers To Trade:
 Apple IIGS (full system with monitor/printer)
 Compaq Portable (original)
 KayPro II
 KayPro IV
 Macintosh 128 (original)
 Radio Shack Color Computer
 Texas Instruments 99/4A
 Computers I'm Looking to Buy / Trade For:
 (Console Home Computers Only)
 Acorn BBC Micro
 Acorn Electron
 Amstrad CPC 6128
 Amstrad CPC 664
 Atari 65XE
 Atari 520ST
 Camputers Lynx
 Canon V-20 MSX
 Dragon 32
 EACA Colour Genie
 EACA Video Genie 3003 (AKA System-80 / PMC 80)
 Exidy Sorcerer
 Franklin ACE 1200
 Interact Model One
 Jupiter ACE
 Mattel Aquarius
 Memotek MTX 500/512 (or RS128)
 Oric 1
 Oric Atmos
 Panasonic JR-200U
 Personal Micro Computer PMC 81
 Phillips Videopac
 Salora Fellow
 Sharp MZ800 (MZ821)
 Sinclair QL
 Sinclair Spectrum
 Sinclair Spectrum +
 Sinclair Spectrum +2 / +2A / +3
 SpectraVideo SVI 328
 Sony HitBit
 Sord M5
 Timex Sinclair 1500
 Timex Sinclair 2068
 Toshiba HX-10
 Toshiba T100
 Video Technology Laser Compact XT
 Video Technology VZ200
 Computers Currently In My Collection
 (Pictures at
 Amiga 500
 Amiga 600
 Amiga 1200
 Amstrad 464 CPC
 Atari 400
 Atari 800
 Atari 600XL
 Atari 800XL
 Atari 1200XL
 Atari 130XE
 Atari 1040 ST
 Apple II
 Apple IIc
 Commodore 16
 Commodore Plus/4
 Commodore 64
 Commodore 128
 Commodore VIC 20
 Laser 128
 Radio Shack Color Computer
 Radio Shack Micro Color Computer (MC-10)
 Radio Shack Color Computer II (low rise keyboard)
 Radio Shack Color Computer II (high rise keyboard)
 Radio Shack Color Computer III
 Radio Shack Model 1
 Sinclair ZX80
 Sinclair ZX81
 Tano Dragon 64
 Texas Instruments 99/4A (gray/silver)
 Texas Instruments 99/4A (beige)
 Timex Sinclair 1000
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