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Date: Fri Jan 15 17:16:49 1999

At 07:15 PM 1/15/99 +1, you wrote:
>> > BTW: Are there some people collecting merchandise/advertizeing
>> > gimicks of the computer age ?
>Well, not exactly what I asked (but glad about every saved flyer).
>My question was more about all the other stuff - T-Shirts, umbrellas,
>tie needls, watches, keyholder, cups, .....

Well... There are advertising collectibles, and I'm sure they go after
computer stuff too (the ones that go for newer stuff.)

My brother (the ElderPutz) collects such things (one of his hobbies is
going to conventions/trade shows to get all the freebies) and after I got
into the business decided he wanted to be too (not being good at anything
else either) so he fancies himself a techie and thus has a lot of high-tech
ad stuff. He's now a tech writer and has finally been able to hold down a
job for more than 18months. Anyway, if you want to, you can contact the
jerk at <>.

(If it sounds like I don't like him, a big part of the reason is that he's
decided that Oakland is too far away from San Francisco for him to visit
his dad. For referenec, The VCF in Santa Clara is three times as far away
from SF. Can't even be bothered to call. (And those that were at VCF got
a chance to meet my dad -- not the most spry fellow, but a nice guy.))

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