Computer paint jobs (was Re: SOL feeding frenzy?)

From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Fri Jan 15 10:22:55 1999

On 16 Dec 98 at 18:04, Barry A. Watzman wrote:

> This may or may not be a description of your situation, but when I worked at Heath/Zenith, we bought
 "Gold" floppy disk drives directly from the manufacturers of the drives
(Shugart, Tandon, etc.) th>
> Barry Watzman
 Ah , now I remember the name, now that I can read it without the frustration
of HTML. I have seen you in the Zenith newsgroups. Good to have you on-board.
 There are several collectors that have Heaths or Zeniths on the list. You
sound like a welcome resource. I have a luggable ZFA 162 with the pop-up fdds
that I treasure more than my Kaypros or other portables. I think H/Z were
incredibly innovative in there earlier incarnation. The military contract that
was initiated was IMHO one of the few times the US military brass didn't fuck
up, but of course history eclipsed them because they did nothing about their
advantage and MS and IBM peddled their shit to the masses effectively and H/Z
became history.

ciao larry
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