classic computer stuff in Scientific American

From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Fri Jan 15 10:22:50 1999

On 14 Jan 99 at 13:28, Frank McConnell wrote:

> "Lawrence Walker" <> wrote:
> > I have that edition in my collection. I have 2 other S.A.s
> > that have micro themes. The Nov. 65 issue, one of the articles is
> > by Hao Wang , and the Sept 66 which is all computer related
> > articles
> And I think Scientific American re-published the September 1966 issue
> as a book, "Information".
> -Frank McConnell
 That was the theme of the issue, Information Technology . I treasure it more
than the 1977 one, which is also great.
 Another one was the April 17 1980 "Special Commemorative Issue " of
Electronics , which was basicly a restricted "trade" magazine. It's a massive
650 page issue which covered 50 years of electronics history. Unless it was
also published as a book, there is nothing that can compare. An incredible
source of electonics history.
 At the moment is in a sideways milk crate with other Electronics and my old
Bytes and other mags and I must treat them more protectively if they are to be
preserved. Mea culpa. But it's nice to just reach down and spend a couple of
hours with computer history.

ciao larry
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