Questions on today's acquisitions

From: Tom Owad <>
Date: Fri Jan 15 21:00:16 1999

>As to the keyboard, the answer is a custom one... I have the HP150
>TechRef here, and if the keyboard connector is 6 pin (and not HP-HIL),
>then it's an original HP150. Just to confirm, you have a CRT that doesn't
>tilt in the case, and 2 expansion slots horizontally at the back, yes?


I wouldn't say it tilts _in_ the case, but it does have a tiltable stand.
 There are two horizontal expansion slots on the back - and - one of them
has an HP-HIL interface card in it.

>I have the schematic of the keyboard, and you're in luck. There's nothing
>remotely custom in there. Not even a microcontroller or a ROM. It's all
>plain 4000-series CMOS running at 12V...

I'll respond to this part in the morning. :-)

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