Apricot F10

From: Pete Turnbull <pete_at_dunnington.u-net.com>
Date: Sat Jan 16 14:13:29 1999

On Jan 16, 10:42, George Rachor wrote:
> Subject: Apricot F10
> Spotted a curious find last night...
> It was labeled Apricot F10.
> It was narrow and had a minidisk slot in the front. In the back it had
> what looked like a rca jack (Video?), a parallel port (Centronics) a nine
> pin(serial) and something like a DB25.
> I suspect this is an expansion unit for the apricot line as I saw no
> obvious keyboard port unless it was the DB-25...

I don't think it's an expansion unit; I'm pretty sure it's a complete
computer, except that it's not complete in this case :-) It sounds very
like an F1, so perhaps the connections are similar.

On the back of an F1, there's a 25-pin D serial port, a 9-pin D colour
monitor connector, an RCA jack mono (composite video) monitor socket,
centronics parallel port on the bottom, and a pair of power connectors
higher up. The main power socket is an IEC style, and there's a 12V power
input for use with an Apricot mono monitor as well. The keyboard
connection on an F1 is by an infrared link. There's an IR sensor on the
front, and a fibre optic connector as well, for situations where the
sensor picks up too much interference.

Perhaps the F10 also has an unusual keyboard connection on the front?

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