Todays Finds

From: Jason Willgruber <>
Date: Sat Jan 16 20:12:54 1999


Want to sell one of the Convertibles? It doesn't matter that there's no
power supply, or even if it works or not. I collect old laptops, and the
Convertible is one of the ones that I don't have.

                 -Jason Willgruber
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From: Marvin <>
To: Discussion re-collecting of classic computers
Date: Saturday, January 16, 1999 2:03 PM
Subject: Todays Finds
>I got a call on the radio from another ham checking out garage sales, and
>told me about a Unix machine.  When I went over, the machine turned out to
>be an IBM RT with docs and disks!  There was also a Compucorp 675 that I
>told was a dedicated word processor (no docs.)  The guy wanted $15 for the
>RT and was giving away the Compucorp so I gave him $20 *after* I told him I
>have so many machines I don't usually buy them, and we had a nice talk.  He
>will see if there are any docs for it and he will be talking to others that
>have been in the business since the late '70s and early '80s.  Went to the
>club station where I was given a Mac IIvx (OT? as I have no idea what era
>is from.)  Another guy had just visited the local scrap yard and gave me 3
>IBM Convertibles w/ no power supplies.  All in all, not a bad day!
>Anyone know anything about the Compucorp 675?
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