thoughts on UNIX and older systems

From: Bill Pechter <>
Date: Sun Jan 17 10:26:06 1999

> <None. I haven't seen an NT box up for months at a time without
> <a reboot due to something trivial like a network change that can be done
> <with a Unix box without a reboot.
> Well I have. Current up time for the three NT 3.51 servers I live with
> at work is over 6months. We do however have things like memory leaks from
> Cold Fusion's OBDC driver that forces the running of a batch job every night
> to shut that down and restart the one peice. Often the OS gets blamed for
> cranky apps.

True. But NT4 put the video driver into the ring 0 level of privs... so

Cutler knew it didn't belong there, but the apps wouldn't perform as well.

> <> We're switching to Linux at work only because there's more software
> <> available, and we have more knowledge available for Linux than BSD.
> <
> <Sounds reasonable... I've been using FreeBSD with 6+ months
> <uptime on web servers (only rebooted because of equipment moves in the lab)
> This thread is interesting to me (though OT for Classiccmp) as I plan to
> introduce a FreeBSD(or linux, slakware, redhat or debian) and not haveing
> much unix expereince it's an interest to me.

Well, drop any 386 or 486 in and load 'em both and see what you like.
I picked up the Cheapbytes set of Linux stuff (8 cd set around $15) and
their xBSD stuff (Net,Free,Open) for 10.00 for the BSD's .

> Personally a VMS node suits my liking.
Mine too, but I haven't gotten all the parts for my VaxStation 3100 yet.

I do have accelr8's DCLLite for Linux under FreeBSD now.
I'm waiting for FreeVMS folks to start in on kernel building and tools
building at a quicker pace.

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