Disasters and Recovery

From: Chuck McManis <cmcmanis_at_mcmanis.com>
Date: Sun Jan 17 15:08:03 1999

One of the reasons I want to have a completely spec'd Pentium class
computer is to create an archive that will survive a reasonable amount of
time (100 years in a time capsule) No doubt this is true elsewhere but some
folks and I came up with this idea to create a time capsule of things from
the last year before the year 2000 for people to look at in the year 2100.
I don't know of any 1899 capsules but they would have been fun to have
around as well. The goal then is to encapsulate a PC, with software, that
will survive 100 years of storage (probably a helium or argon atmosphere so
oxidation won't be a problem). Ideally the machine should be recoverable to
the point where you could boot an operating system on it and write a
program and run it on it.

As this list is full of folks who've dealt with the 'ravages of time' on
their collections, I was looking for things to protect against.

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