Linux Security (was Re: thoughts on UNIX and older systems)

From: Chuck McManis <>
Date: Sun Jan 17 15:15:51 1999

At 01:03 PM 1/17/99 -0800, zane wrote:
>There is a program called 'saint' which is a offshoot of 'satan' I believe,

good program.

>[snip] 'saint' found a LOT of problems with Linux including a couple
>serious ones, [snip]

One thing to note, is that all of the k00lDudZ out there seem to run Linux,
and their friends and enemies do too so they are often looking for ways to
break in. There has been one documented case of an "innocuous" checkin to
the Linux source tree that included a trap door. If you look up the various
root kits and other cracker tools you will find a preponderence of Linux
cracks. Not because Linux is less secure than anything else, but because it
is a really high value target (hence the efforts).

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