OT: Alien Media (was Disasters and Recovery)

From: Zane H. Healy <healyzh_at_aracnet.com>
Date: Mon Jan 18 00:32:01 1999

>Slightly related to the subject of reading CD's in 100 years:
>On one of their recent space probes, NASA put a DVD (just the disk, in a
>little pocket on the outside of the probe, possibly with a plaque of some
>kind but probably no directions on reading).
>I suspect DVD's are much more complex than CD's. I would trust a CD on a
>space probe more than I would trust a DVD. The records on Voyager (both
>Voyagers, I guess) -- which include styli and playing directions -- strike
>me as a MUCH better idea.
>-- Derek

I just got a DVD player so I've been checking out the DVD newsgroup and
Websites, and one topic that is disturbing considering the cost of DVD's is
'DVD Rot'. There seem to be two different camps on this topic, one is that
it doesn't exist, the other obviously is that it does, and that it might be
the result of manufacturing defects.

I've been able to find out media lifespans for several types of media, for
        CD-R ~10 years
        CD-ROM ~100 years
        DVD ??? I wish I knew, anyone have any idea?

Of course times listed are for ideal storage conditions, etc. The reason
for the much shorter lifespan of CD-R disks apparently has something to do
with dye that they use in making them.

In any case, I've got to wonder how the cold of space would effect a CD-ROM
or a DVD. My guess is that it would be to much for it.

Low capacity media does seem to be the best method of maintaining
'high-value' data. Of course there are other factors. The best solution
is to copy to a newer form of media about every 5 years.

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