IBM thingy!

From: Jay Jaeger <>
Date: Sat Jan 16 20:08:48 1999

It sounds like a device for testing IBM terminals and/or controllers for
IBM 8100's and/or mainframes.

It may support two different connection types. SDLC (probably a standard
25-pin D Connector) and a thingy called an 8100 Loop (for the 8775
terminal) which is a local/remote ring protocol that predates Token Ring.

Don't discard it or destroy it -- they are probably not all that easy to
get, and I can imagine that one or more folks on this list might be
interested in it.


At 08:24 PM 1/14/99 +0000, you wrote:
>>I went computer scrounging today and found a brief case style tool box
>with some kind on IBM tester in it. I have so idea what it is but it has
>an 8" floppy disk drive in it! I got the floppy disk too. It has a NICE
>handset with a 4 line LED display and a full keyboard attached by a cable.
>There's also a lot of strange looking connectors and adapters with it. The
>main box has an "IPL" button and three connectors labeled "PIO", "S LOOP"
>and "R LOOP". The quick reference chart only calls it a "MD". There's a
>tag on it that says "TYPE 910x 002". Anyone know what it is and what it's
>> Joe
> I powered up the THING today. It says it's a Stand Alone Terminal
>Exorciser, PN 08309930, date 01/84. It passes the self test and brings up a
>menu that lets you select 327X Tutorial, 327X BSC, SDLC/SNA or R-LOOP.
>Selecting the R-LOOP option brings up another menu for 8775 Device or 3276
>Device. That's as far as I can get in the menu, after that it asks for a CU
>address or will autoscan for it but of course there's nothing connected so
>it doesn't find what ever it's looking for. Does anyone know any more
>about it?
> Joe
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