Intel MCS-96 Design Kit

From: Don Maslin <>
Date: Mon Jan 18 13:21:21 1999

On Mon, 18 Jan 1999, Hans Franke wrote:

> > Anyone know what this Intel MCS-96 Design Kit is? It contains a C8095 in a
> > 48 lead DIP, an A8097 pin-grid-array package, two D2004 DIPs, and two D27513
> > DIPs. The package appears to be complete and I would guess circa 1983.
> Its a development kit for the MCS96 series of CPU a hig integrated
> controller type CPU family - think of it like a mutant crossbreed
> of a 8051 and a 80386sx - fast, and realy interesting to programm.
> Used in a lot of application where a lot af real time CPU power
> is needed, especialy high data throughput, like air plane systems,
> car systems etc. The 96 has some 20+ interupt sources, high speed
> i/o, 8/16 bit data bus, A/D etc. Very Register orientated (some
> 200 Registers depending on the adressing type) and simple. There
> are a lot of versions with numbers from 8094 to 8096, 80194 to 80198
> and around 80296 - together with subversions, names by two letters.
> But most of them are just different on chip ROMs.
> The 8097 is a 8096 with enhanced A/D functionality, the BHs are
> the ROMless versions (I always grin a bit about this typecode,
> since BH is the german abrevation for bra (BüstenHalter), so the
> 809xBH is a topless version :) in 68 pin PGA, while the 8095 is
> also a 8096 with A/D but less I/O ports to fit a 48 pin DIL (again,
> the BH is ROMless. Since there are EPROMS, I guess both are BHs.
> (There are also EPROM versions, like always called 879x.
> Gee, what I'm talking, check
> (inel hides there information quite good - a search reveals
> only a Y2K document) or better try
> for more (did a quick search - Am I good ?:)
> Hey, Marvin, If you don't like this beast, I spend my time in
> helping orphaned singleboarders :)
> Have a lot of fun (There are a lot of good development tools
> for the MCS96 family, so it should be possible to play a bit).
> In Intel's mind, the i960 is the successor...

Anyone want a couple of i960s? A friend had some cards each with a PLCC
i960 onboard. I imagine they can be had fairly inexpensively.

                                                 - don

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