Long term data storage (was: Disasters and Recovery

From: Don Maslin <donm_at_cts.com>
Date: Mon Jan 18 14:14:41 1999

On Mon, 18 Jan 1999, Fred Cisin (XenoSoft) wrote:

> > Well, do not forget the 'chisel and flat rock' technology. That is
> > pretty durable!
> Although far from a linear relationship, it is beginning to sound as though
> data density is directly related to technology advancement, and data
> longevity is inversely related.
> So, how'zbout build a stonehenge like creation, and chisel the bits into
> the hard sectors? Has anyone taken a close enough look at Stonehenge to
> confirm that the media is unformatted? At least designing the drive
> would be easier than one for reading sheep. (hint: move the head, not the
> platter)
And I am not too sure that the stones are necessarily in the original
positions. Some years back, while sipping an ale in a pub in Salisbury,
I was chatting with a native who told me that during WWII the stones had
been laid flat since they were too good a landmark for the Luftwaffe and
only re-erected after the war. True? Don't know, but it makes some

Tony, ever hear that?
                                                 - don
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