Early Data Sheets

From: Joe <rigdonj_at_intellistar.net>
Date: Mon Jan 18 20:20:57 1999

At 03:09 PM 1/18/99 -0800, you wrote:
>I am just curious if anyone else is keeping semiconductor data sheets and
>data books from the early days?

   Are you kidding!! I have rooms full of that stuff! I expect everyone
on the list does. If they don't, they should!

  I grab eveythign like that that I can get. If I don't want it, I post it
to the list (example; Z80,000 Tech reference and Vax 11 Assembly manual
that I just listed here and gave away).

  There were also three Northstar Manuals: Northstar Micro-Disk
>System MDS-A, The Northstar Disk Operating System Version 2, and Northstar
>BASIC Version 6 Version 6-FPB (no software, just manuals.)

   I have exactly the same books but haven't been able to get the SW yet.
BTW for you legal nuts, the book is the license and having it entitles you
to have the SW.

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