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Date: Tue Jan 19 00:07:29 1999

If they do, they're in for disappointment. From what I've read, THC, the
active chemical in marajuana, is found primarily in the flowers and buds, not
in the stems from which useful fibers are extracted. Also, hemp raised for
fibers and not specifically for "recreational" use contains tiny amounts of
THC. I'm told you could smoke a bushel of rope grade cannibus and get no
noticable effect.

My understanding is the primary reason the US government has outlawed
hemp fiber is that it is the same *color* as cannibus destined to be smoked,
which makes satelite and aircraft sweeps with cameras sensative to that
specific color far less useful. It's idiotic, since hemp fiber could replace
wood and other fibers in many applications (such as paper) with a far lower
environmental cost.

And no, I don't smoke it, or anything else. My two experiences with cigarettes
convinced me I could find vices that hurt less. Like collecting old computers

> b) some
> futuristic pot-head capsule looters will raid it so they can smoke the
> documentation.

Jim Strickland
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