Sanyo 55x detractors (was:RE: IBM Floppy...)

From: Bill Sudbrink <>
Date: Tue Jan 19 09:45:12 1999

> >> it was that RAM disks and hard drives went to E: by defualt. An
> >> aftermarket DOS (name escapes me now)
> DS-DOS by Michtron. I bought it. It was the buggiest piece of software
> that I ever had the DIS-pleasure of owning! DS-DOS would let you use 80
> track 5 1/4" drives in the Sanyo and put 10 sectors on them.
> =800K per disk.

There were several alternate OSs. The best was OK-DOS by AOK Computers of
Silver Spring Maryland. Supported several alternate disk formats and hard
disk controllers. Vastly improved graphics and keyboard compatibility.

Bill Sudbrink
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