Infocom InvisiClues

From: Roger Merchberger <>
Date: Tue Jan 19 13:10:35 1999

Once upon a midnight dreary, Cameron Kaiser had spoken clearly:
>Well, I landed a cache of old games (including Zork II for the DEC Rainbow
>but the disk appears to be missing). One of them is Witness for DOS 2.0, and
>it even has the InvisiClues book -- but I don't have the marker! Does anyone
>have a spare InvisiClues marker somewhere they're not using or one they might
>be {willing, persuaded} to part with?

Is there any "Fudgie Shops" - erm, sorry; local term -- tourist shops in
your area that would handle the "Yes and Know" series of books? They're
still being produced - I seem them all the time in touristy areas 'round
here (but remember, I work in the 3rd oldest city in the USA - Other than
snow, all we _have_ are tourists... ;-/

IIRC, those books took the same type of marker. Of course, the price of the
book & shipping then make it kinda outrageous for just a pen...

On the investor side of things, wouldn't the book be worth more untouched?
Or have some clues been revealed already?

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