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From: Eric Smith <eric_at_brouhaha.com>
Date: Tue Jan 19 13:53:22 1999

John wrote:
> Eric, you seem to have quite some info on the Stretch; do you have any
> source of (original or other doc) on this or the other early IBM computers ?
> There is of course the book by Bashe et al, but I find it difficult to
> locate more info.

Unfortunately not. The Bashe book (_IBM's_Early_Computers_) is the best
general source I've found. For Stretch, the book _Planning_a_Computer_System_
is essential, but I haven't found comparable books on any of the early IBM

The UC Libraries have some old manuals and books that I'd love to look at,
but even if I pay $300 for a library card at a nearby UC campus, that won't
let me order anything through interlibrary loan from the other UC
collections. :-(
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