GRiDPad 1910's

From: Uncle Roger <>
Date: Tue Jan 19 16:38:18 1999

I have a line on quite a few GRiDPad 19xx computers. These are the
keyboardless slates sometimes called "post-it" computers, due to the ease
of just sticking them on a wall or anywhere convenient. I believe they
were also used on the shuttle at one point. They are DOS machines, 8088 I

These machines appear to be in pretty decent shape, with nice cases. The
ones I saw were 1910's, but there may be some 1900 or other, similar models
in the bunch. They are untested, and I don't know if they come with pens
or not.

I think I can get them for $15-20 each. Shipping in the US would probably
be around $3-5. Figure less than $25 total. (I will seriously try to get
them for less, and I won't be making anything on these.) If there is
interest, I'll pursue it further; if not, I'll grab a couple for myself and
let the rest go whereever they want.

Please reply off-list! (We don't need a zillion "I want one!" messages
spewing all over the 'net.)

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