From: Jason Willgruber <>
Date: Tue Jan 19 19:52:54 1999

I remember once seeing a GRiD 386 laptop that looked _exactly_ like a Tandy
3800, but was made of the aluminum alloy, was white, and said on the top
case that it was Panasonic (I think. The top cover was labeled with
something other than GRiD or Tandy). The bottom label said "manufactured
for {Company X} by GRiD".

Anyone ever hear of something like this? I was going to pick one up, but
they wanted $300 for one.
                 -Jason Willgruber
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From: Doug <>
To: Discussion re-collecting of classic computers
Date: Tuesday, January 19, 1999 2:51 PM
Subject: Re: Re[2]: GRID LAPTOP
>On Tue, 19 Jan 1999, Marty wrote:
>>  Were all the Grids in a metal case with bubble memory?
>No, only the earlier Compass and Compass II models, but there were several
>different models.  (And the metal case is a magnesium alloy.)
>-- Doug
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