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<< Does anyone know where I can get the tool you need to use to crack open
 teh case of an old MacIntosh? I seem to recall that in addition to
 special torx tools, probably one with an extra long shaft, that you needed
 something to pop the case open...
 I'd like to upgrade the tiny hard drive in a mac se, and maybe in a mac plus
 1 Meg, to use a 250 meg scsi drive.
 Any idea if these units will run system 7? >>

yes, they will run system 7, but make sure you have 4 meg. also, get the
updates so you're running 7.01 or 7.1
system 6.0.8 is smaller and faster too.
you dont need a mac cracker to open those compact models. here's two hints:
1. once all screws are removed, try pressing on the scsi and and floppy drive
connectors on the back while holding the back half of the mac. that usually
seperates it. or,
2. undo all screws, then start them back in their holes about one turn. use
your torx tool to press against the screws while holding the back half of the
mac. when it seperates, remove all screws and take the back half off.
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