Kaypros and Osbornes

From: Steve Robertson <steverob_at_hotoffice.com>
Date: Wed Jan 20 07:49:07 1999


I picked up a ZORBA at the thrift shop a couple of weeks ago (25$). Looks like the Mother Board is fried.

I opened the case and it's immaculate inside. If anyone needs any of the guts, let me know.

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> I think other people's reasoning is that a lot more people know about the
> O1 than the Kaypro, so that gets more interest/higher perceived value.
> Meanwhile, no one's ever heard of a Zorba, so I don't know why the two I've
> heard about sold for over $100.
Because the Zorba's are slick little CP/M machines?

(a Zorba fan and owner)

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