Infocom InvisiClues

From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Wed Jan 20 09:45:09 1999

> Well, I landed a cache of old games (including Zork II for the DEC Rainbow
> but the disk appears to be missing). One of them is Witness for DOS 2.0, and
> it even has the InvisiClues book -- but I don't have the marker! Does anyone
> have a spare InvisiClues marker somewhere they're not using or one they might
> be {willing, persuaded} to part with?

AFAIR they can also be read well when using a _bright_
'warm' (yellowish) light, since the printed surface
is different from the unprinted - or use a blue (UV)
lamp, like available for bank note checking - here
the sourounding light schould be not to bright. Also
a damp/steamy athmosphere can reveal the content.

In versions you can avoide to change the book.


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