OT Re: Reading age of 3 (was: Re: Computers for children)

From: Philip.Belben_at_pgen.com <(Philip.Belben_at_pgen.com)>
Date: Wed Jan 20 07:36:22 1999

> [1] If you read to your kids every day, spend your non-working time
> them to museums, plays, camping, etc., work with them on what they're
> interested in, even if it means giving up watching football, spending
> with your friends, and so on, then this doesn't apply to you.

No kids of my own yet. But my experience of kids these days is that "work
with them on what they're interested in" means that I'd have to _start_
watching football. And I find it hard to think of any activity more

But by and large I agree with you. Just don't forget what you keep telling
us - your girlfriend is not a typical teacher, she is an example to the
profession. Teaching usually pays peanuts, and the profession therefore
has more than its fair share of monkeys.

If we can get both good teachers _and_ good parents, even the less bright
kids will go far...

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