PDP-8 on e-bay

From: Joseph S. Barrera III <joe_at_barrera.org>
Date: Wed Jan 20 11:53:03 1999

>Just out of curiosity, while the description says PDP-8, is it *really* a
>straight "8" or did the seller forget to add on any important little
>suffixes? Seems like that would make quite a difference in the price of

Good question... I've pointed him at a web site with PDP-8 pictures (Paul
Pierce's) and asked him to identify the suspect.

I've received at least one email asking whether I'm crazy. Well, clinically,
yes. :-) But beyond that, I was severely traumatized as a child (well, in
high school) and I'm still recovering. I spent most of my morning recesses
(and many lunches) of my sophmore and junior years programming an IMSAI 8080
system, with North Star BASIC and floppy drive, Tarbell tape monitor, and a
teletype for a printer. Then when I returned from Summer vacation my senior
year, I found the IMSAI disappeared, replaced with (IIRC) an Altos MP/M
machine. I was heartbroken.

So now that I'm a grown-up and have a real job and some money to spend, I
spend some of it on old computers. Perhaps I'm crazy. But not nearly as
crazy, in my opinion, as people that buy mass-produced luxury cars for many
tens of thousands of dollars...

- Joe

PS. Paul, are you on this list?
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