RANT Re: PDP-8 on e-bay

From: Lawrence LeMay <lemay_at_cs.umn.edu>
Date: Wed Jan 20 16:08:21 1999

> ><rant>
> [edited out for brevity]
> ></rant>
> Get OVER it guys and gals. Computers have developed collector value, the
> price will only go up until the demand is satisfied. Take a look at the
> number of zillionaire engineers created in the Bay Area and Redmond area
> alone over the last 5 years. These geeks are seriously into their retro
> throes and they have money to satisfy their urges.

> [edited out for brevity]

Hmm.. Now maybe someone will finally offer me some serious cash for a
Sun 1/100U ... Only about 700 were ever made, before Sun Microsystems
started making the Sun 2 series...

Though personally I'd like to see one on display in a real computer
museum someday...

-Lawrence LeMay
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