Ebay notices, was re: PDP-8 on e-bay

From: Marvin <marvin_at_rain.org>
Date: Wed Jan 20 16:25:34 1999

Steve Robertson wrote:
> OK.. I guess I'll have to appologize for starting this flame war.
> Of the lists that I subscribe to, this one has always impressed me by how
> cooperative and sharing the members are. Every single day I see members
> donating their time, effort, knowledge, and hardware to promote the hobby
> of collecting computers. Unfortunately, It's threads like this that kill
> the spirit of the group.

Steve, most of us are a vocal bunch and have a fair number of opinions on
just about anything you would care to bring up. No apologies are necessary
as I too would have posted that to the list if I had seen it first. I've
been in and seen enough flame wars to know this too shall pass (although
this would be considered a very *tame* flamewar!) In spite of Doug being
rather vocal, he is an okay guy and entitled to his opinions ... as are we!
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