Ebay notices, was re: PDP-8 on e-bay

From: Mike <dogas_at_leading.net>
Date: Wed Jan 20 17:39:28 1999

From: Marvin <marvin_at_rain.org>
>The reasons for collecting have been already discussed on this list a
>of times, but it is worthwhile trying to remember that for most of us, this
>is a HOBBY done because we enjoy it.

I don't know how you infered from my rant that this isn't a hobby of mine
that I enjoy. I do enjoy this and have for several years *and* don't make
money in this way (I do dispose of quite a bit of it though) although my
intent is not to disparage the speculators out there.

For some, ebay opens access to machines not otherwise available. I dont
think Jacksonville Florida and *many* other locals know what a swap meet is
nor do we have the likes of some of those bay area thrifts to so offhandedly
dismiss ebay. And for collectors newer to the hobby ebay does provide a way
to quickly backfill missing euipment.

Don't get me wrong. The brainshare of this group is invaluable, there is
no other resource like it. I wans't trying to flame someone into submission,
just expressing my opinion. I guess if I already had an Altair or an 8,
I'd probably be a little more altruistic. Naaa ;)

Mike: dogas_at_leading.net
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