Ebay: Very Old IBM Model 705 Tube-type Logic Module

From: Mike <dogas_at_leading.net>
Date: Thu Jan 21 10:46:01 1999

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From: John Foust <jfoust_at_threedee.com>
>So I guess the problem is that Information Wants To Be Free, and the
>Internet Will Liberate Us, and Shopping Online is Phun, and all that,
>except when its efficiency seems to work against you. Look on the
>bright side: if it weren't for the Net, eBay and this list, fewer
>people would be offering these sorts of goods, and most of us would
>never hear about them.

Maybe... One of the cool components of the hobby is FINDING the bargain.
These announcements do nothing but raise the prices eventually paid for
these items. I guess that makes sense if your already sitting on a cache of
Altairs and 5100s and are happily watching prices go through the roof. I'd
do everything I could to help that little market develop...

And *anyone* who's not afraid of the stale breath of satan can go to ebay
and search for 'old computers'.

Ok, I promise to say no more on this subject... wait.... Anyone see these
pictures of Marvin's wife at http:\\...

*just kidding* ;)
- Mike: dogas_at_leading.net
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