Hard Sector Disks

From: David C. Jenner <djenner_at_halcyon.com>
Date: Thu Jan 21 21:11:34 1999

I have an H47 and it was reliable (I haven't used it for a few years)
except for one problem: about every three months the drive belt would
slip off and I would have to pull the drive from the case and put it
back on. I got to point where it didn't take long, and it sure was
handy having 2MB of disk space rather than the ~coupleK of two hard
sectored disks. I have the hard-sectored disks in the H89 cabinet in
the form of a dual-drive "DAM" floppy, for which DEC later bought the
design and turned into the RX50.


Christian Fandt wrote:
> At 01:28 PM 1/21/99 -0500, you wrote:
> >>
> >>I have the H-17. What is the H-37 as I don't recognize it by that number?
> >>I have other two cases, one with dual full height 5 1/4" drives and the
> >>other with dual 8" drives, but I don't know the model number at the moment.
> >
> >
> >The one with the 8" are the H27, I think...
> Yes, for the H-11 computer. The 8" drive for the H-8 was the H47. The H47
> was costly and unreliable. As a result, not too many sold.
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