Linux and 8" diskettes?

From: Lawrence LeMay <>
Date: Fri Jan 22 08:59:23 1999

> I've been thinking about trying to use my Microtech 8" drive unit, which is
> attached to a fairly standard FDC, to read IBM 3740-format (Sys/23, Sys/36,
> Displaywriter, etc.) diskettes from Linux. I did some reading on 'fdutils' and
> found one brief mention of 8" diskettes, but nothing really useful, for obvious
> reasons I guess. Has anyone tried this or anything like it on Linux?
> A lot of the 8" diskettes I'm getting from customers these days are in poor
> shape and the Microtech drivers don't handle hard errors very well. I'm hoping
> the Linux driver is a little more persistent and will allow me to recover more
> data with less hassle. If only I could read all the bad diskettes on the
> Displaywriter--that thing will grind away on a diskette all day if it has to
> and rarely fails on a hard error.

Well.. there was a device being sold at Ebay called a Floppy Drive
Analyer... Just attach your oscilloscope and you can test, align, and
repair floppies. It came with various test diskettes, and its
for 8", 5.25" and 3.5" disks.

Perhaps this is something you coudl use. I bid a token small amount
on it and was high bidder, but I didnt exceed the reserve price, so
its still available. The guy sent me email this morning saying that
his reserve price was $150, but if this is something that might
help out your buisness, maybe its worth it to you.

Just thought I'd mention it.

-Lawrence LeMay

> I wouldn't normally bother the list with this, but getting Linux installed on
> this box is going to be a major project and if it won't work I don't want to
> invest the time and money.
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