Reiability of wrong media (was: is out of 5-1/4" diskettes

From: George Rachor <>
Date: Fri Jan 22 11:36:10 1999

Made sense to me... In my meager days (while going to school) I turned
over and used Apple ][ floppy's. I wouldn't say they didn't hold up but I
did have enough disk errors on diskettes I did this with to decide to quit
the practice.

And yes I do wish I had not ever done this.


George L. Rachor
Beaverton, Oregon
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On Fri, 22 Jan 1999, PG Manney wrote:

> My heathkit H-89, which used SSHS mounted vertically, had a note in the
> manual that using +ACI-flippy+ACI- diskettes was not recommended, as dirt and
> suchlike (which collects on the liner during normal operation) was likely
> to fall out if the disk were flipped, and thus run backwards.
> S'pose that was so they could sell you more disks, or was there some truth
> to that?
> I can think of very few home units which had vertically mounted drives...
> Trash-80's are all that come to mind.
> P Manney
> +AD4AIg-Flippy+ACI-: The second side can often be used in a single sided drive by
> +AD4-flipping the disk over. In the case of Apple +AF0AWw- and Commodore, it
> +AD4-requires punching a write enable notch. (Which does NOT need to be square.)
> +AD4-On TRS-80, IBM, etc, it is necessary to also punch an additional
> +AD4-(symmetric) access hole for the index hole. (jigs for marking and
> +AD4-punching used to be available.)
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