ReLiability of wrong media (was: is out of 5-1/4" diskettes

From: Fred Cisin <>
Date: Fri Jan 22 13:14:54 1999

On Fri, 22 Jan 1999, Sam Ismail wrote:
> > [Sam: what books WOULD you consider to be "authoritative"? Mmmmm PANCAKES!]
> They sure are yummy!!!
> I see your point now. Can I take my foot out of my mouth?

Sure! But who'll supply the pancakes?

Every previous time that I have ever ranted about 1.4M, people
have responded by quoting IBM or the disk box. THIS group responds with
arithmetic and logic.
BTW, FDISK.EXE uses 1048576 for Megabyte.

There is some justification for 1,000,000, and a "Megahertz" is, indeed
1,000,000 hertz. But I don't like to use 1,000,000 for bytes, and it
doesn't fit the "1.44" either.
There MIGHT BE a justification for the 1024000 number. I've never heard
it, but would be very interested.

How about people who state that "Megabyte" != "megabyte"? Are those
really two different units of measure?

[apology: I failed to include a </pedantic> tag at the end of my last html.]

> Well by golly we must reclaim the megabyte by boycotting companies that
> abuse it like that horrid IBM!!

THAT is something that we are all more likely to agree with! If IBM ran
a doughnut shop, how many WOULD be in a dozen??

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