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From: Lawrence LeMay <>
Date: Fri Jan 22 14:54:27 1999

Well, all this talk of supplies of old floppies got me to worrying a bit,
so I obtained permission to grab a bunch of old manuals and floppy
disks from work. Actually I'm rather annoyed, because a former employee
came back and asked for the N-Cube computer, and was given permission to
take it! Thats a multi-processor machine with hypercube data exchange links
between processors.. Sigh.. and it looked kool too (we had christmas lights
blinking inside its smokey front panel, and students would see it and be
very impressed at all the computing that was being done!)

Anyways, I grabbed a bunch of old disk drive manuals and disk drive
controller manuals, from abnout the sun2/sun3 era. Rimfire controller
manuals for SMD-E style drives, eagle (maybe double eagle) drive manuals,
CDC Sabre drive manuals, Fujitsu drive manuals (i think these are
probably 5.25" drives, but they were rackmounted in teh old days and
were in very long cases). If there is any interest i can catalog all
the names of this stuff.

I also have a set of NeXT manuals. Might be version 1.0, might be 2.1

And I'll be grabbing approximately 800 3.5" DSDD floppy disks that currently
have very old MacIntosh software on them. Mainly stuff like Word, Excel,

If anyones interested in this, I can work on making a detailed list
of the manuals or software. Perhaps I could trade the manuals for
something interesting.

-Lawrence LeMay
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