Legitimacy of the Ten Year Rule.

From: Buck Savage <hhacker_at_gte.net>
Date: Sat Jan 23 02:49:31 1999

Given that Classic Computer(s) list members can agree on a standard for the
application of the term "classic" with regard to collected computing (and
hardware, is that as far as it goes? Perhaps there is more to value in the

The act in which we all participate, the collection, repair and restoration,
operation of collectable computers and software has become vogue. Hence,
given our collective expertise on this matter, it is our opportunity to
effect the
language and propriety of our activity. I am sure that many would benefit
a formal presentation of the collective view of the propriety of applying
the term
"classic" to a computer, etc.

To do so would not be different from the same activity as applied to
numismatics, philately, etc. It is exactly in this way that these, and
other, standards
of collectability (a measure of "value" not necessarily economically
are derived, becoming manifest. I think that we would be doing ourselves
our activity justice.

What say you?

William R. Buckley
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