Memory. (was: Reliability of wrong media)

From: Buck Savage <>
Date: Sat Jan 23 03:13:44 1999

>Heck - my home PC has 128 Mb... which shows up through the
>POST as 130nnn (I forget the last three digits).

128 * 1024 = 131072

Hence, if your display is


then your display is accurate.

K means 1024, and that is universally accepted by all programmers! It is we,
the programmers of the world, who define the value of such symbols, and I say,
it is also our prerogrative if ensure that their use by lay persons is accurate.
This is not any different than du Pont protecting the meaning of the name teflon,
nor Xerox the meaning of the name Xerox.

If this is not the display, then perhaps it is

(128 * 1024) - (1024 - 640) = 130688

and this value would be accurate, in the sense that the region of memory
between 640K and 1M is typically excluded from the sum of all memory
available within a PC environment because is is mapped out so that the
I/O devices may be memory mapped.

William R. Buckley
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